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Persistence of Vision: Animated Masterworks is the Roxy's monthly celebration of classic and contemporary animation masterpieces, made by legendary artists for an adult audience.

The Academy Award–nominated independent filmmaker Don Hertzfeldt has amassed a major cult following for his meticulously crafted animated movies, which includes the shorts Rejected (2000), The Meaning of Life (2005), Everything Will Be OK (2006), and I Am So Proud of You (2008) and the feature It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2012). In September 2014, Hertzfeldt created an elaborate and surreal opening couch gag for The Simpsons, envisioning what the long-running series might look like in its eight hundredth season.

His masterpiece to date, however, is the trilogy of shorts World of Tomorrow (2015), World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People's Thoughts (2017) and World of Tomorrow Episode Three: The Absent Destinations of David Prime (2020), three extraordinary science-fictional explorations into memory, family, and the self. The Roxy is proud to present Don Hertzfeldt's stunning achievement in its entirety.

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Director: Don Herzfeldt
Written by: Don Herzfeldt
Duration: 74 min
Released: 2007,
Genre: Science Fiction
World of Tomorrow Trilogy