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Persistence of Vision: Animated Masterworks is the Roxy's monthly celebration of classic and contemporary animation masterpieces, made by legendary artists for an adult audience.

Whenever they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you . . . With this passion project, screenwriter-producer-director Martin Rosen brilliantly achieved what had been thought nearly impossible: a faithful big-screen adaptation of Richard Adams’s classic British dystopian novel about a community of rabbits under terrible threat from modern forces. With its naturalistic hand-drawn animation, dreamily expressionistic touches, gorgeously bucolic background design, and elegant voice work from such superb English actors as John Hurt, Ralph Richardson, Richard Briers, and Denholm Elliott, Watership Down is an emotionally arresting, dark-toned allegory about freedom amid political turmoil.

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Cast: John Hurt, Ralph Richardson, Richard Briers, Denholm Elliott
Director: Martin Rosen, John Hubley
Rated: PG
Duration: 92 min
Released: 1978
Genre: Fantasy
Country: UK/US
Watership Down