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Of all the Pacific Salmon, the spring run of chinook is the most revered. As the first salmon to arrive home each year, they have always been a sacrament for the oldest civilizations in North America and the keystone of Northwest ecosystems.

Once occupying the most extensive range of any salmon species returning to the contiguous United States, many genetically unique populations of spring chinook have already been lost. Those that remain face a looming risk of extinction as climate change, habitat loss, and short-sighted fisheries management all continue to take a toll on their numbers.

In The Lost Salmon, filmmaker Shane Anderson set out on a two-year journey across Washington, Oregon, California, and Idaho to document some of the last genuinely wild “springers,” the historical and ongoing causes of their declining numbers, and their profound relationship to the people and places of the Pacific Northwest.

Along the way, Anderson tells the story of a recent scientific breakthrough that provides crucial new insights into salmon genetics and offers an important path forward to help save the king of salmon before they are lost forever."

Director: Shane Anderson
Duration: 60 min
The Lost Salmon