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Sponsored by:
Missoula Tae Kwon Do Center, Clark Fork Realty
Inferno of Danger is a celebration of great action filmmaking in all its forms, ranging from all-time classics, cult favorites, and everything in-between. Sponsored by the Missoula Tae Kwon Do Center and Clark Fork Realty!

An enigmatic man of fast cars and few words, the Driver (Ryan O'Neal) excels at maneuvering getaway vehicles through the tightest of spots, making him quite in demand in criminal circles. His skill and notoriety, however, infuriate the Detective (Bruce Dern), who becomes obsessed with taking the Driver down. Luckily for the speed-loving anti-hero, the Player (Isabelle Adjani), a gorgeous and resourceful woman, is around to help him elude the Detective.
Cast: Ryan O'Neal, Bruce Dern, Isabelle Adjani
Director: Walter Hill
Written by: Walter Hill
Rated: R
Duration: 91 min
Released: 1978
Genre: Action
The Driver