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Camp Horror Film Festival strives to be a home for gory classics, while giving newer stories a platform. Add elements of live theater, comedy and d.i.y. spirit, you’ll have all the pieces to the best fantasy summer camp this side of Mt. Sentinel.

Feature film Slaughter Beach is filling the dad shaped hole in your heart by teaching campers all about fishing. Unlike boring days on the river with your mom's new boyfriend Jeff, this activity shows you how to handle a psycho killer fisherman with nothing but pure friendship.
Note: This film will provide Open Captioning.

Slaughter Beach is one of the four "Camp Pride" events required to earn the Camp Horror 2022 handmade merit badge.
Slaughter Beach will have a live Q&A led by Camp Counselor Mike Smith
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Cast: Jon McKoy, Ethan Han, Jim Cannatelli, Amy Lynn Patton
Director: Daniel C. Davis
Written by: Daniel C. Davis
Duration: 90 min
Genre: Horror
Slaughter Beach