MTFF Shorts Block

Shorts Block 1

Proof of Concept
Directed by Max Cohn and Ellie Sachs. Produced by Kerry Mack, Hannah Dweck, and Ted Schaefer.

An aspiring auteur tries coaxing her dad and uncle into funding her first short film but winds up raising more questions than dollars.

Mine Mine Mine
Directed by Duncan Ragg. Produced by Rebecca Lamond and Anna Phillips.

A bed-bound man reflects on his childhood with Peter Pan, and how sometimes everyone grows up without you.

Something Awful
Directed by Lucian T. Patton.

After having her wisdom teeth removed, Olive makes the stunning realization that she may be a terrible person.

Directed by Anne-Sophie Bine. Produced by William David Rodbell.

At arts camp, a reserved 13-year-old girl feels seen for the first time when an older counselor takes her under his wing. As the boundaries of their friendship begin to blur, she must reckon with the unexpected consequences of her self-discovery.

Sunflower Field
Directed by Polina Buchak. Produced by Polina Buchak and Camila Grimaldi.

Under the threat of war, a young Ukrainian girl awaits a call from her father. As she waits, the day turns into night and she sinks into a dream from which she must find her way home.

Last Call
Directed by Harry Holland.

A desperate mother seeks to reconnect with her son. Starring Lindsay Duncan and Tom Holland.

Double Nickel
Directed by Mark Tomov. Produced by Mark Tomov and John D. Nilles.

When two hired killers storm into the Hideaway Café, tensions arise with a waitress named Loretta, and the deal that went south in their wake. Armed with double cross and a heavy secret in her pocket, Loretta must face the monster she summoned before it takes the night down with her. A mix-and-shake of rockabilly noir and 70’s horror, Double Nickel is a pair of loaded dice that might just kill you twice.

Sponsored by Boyle, Deveny, & Meyer, Cambie, and Garage Tees!

The screening on Thursday, October 12 is SOLD OUT! Tickets still available to the screening on Sunday, October 15.

Duration: 66 min
Country: 2023

MTFF Shorts Block

Shorts Block 1

Shorts Block 1