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IWFF Short Block

Short Block 5: Living WITH the Wild

Short Block 5: Living WITH the Wild

Python Huntress (Directed and Produced by Nicholas Orris and Matt Deblinger, Sponsored by Animal Wonders, Inc.)

A glimpse into the life of Donna Kalil, an environmentalist who spends her nights patrolling the Florida Everglades in search of the Burmese Python–an invasive apex predator that has devastated local wildlife. Learn about the problem with pythons and why for Donna, fulfilling her job responsibilities does not always come easy.

Living with Snow Leopards: Dolma and Chodon (Directed and Produced by Gayle Podrabsky, Sponsored by Cambie Taphouse)

Dolma and Chodon live with their families in the high mountain village of Kibber, India, population 450. Their families depend on their livestock to survive, and must find a peaceful coexistence with snow leopards. Through conservation efforts, these two women help both their community and the wildlife.

Sagebrush Gold (Directed by Marcus Widger, Sponsored by Montana Survival Seed)

A lithium mine being built in Nevada’s remote sagebrush desert promises us a greener future, but local ranchers, environmentalists, and indigenous tribes share a different side to the story.

Finding Solo (Directed by Myles Storey, Sponsored by Exact Image)

Finding Solo follows Malaysian-born British filmmaker Myles Storey as he returns home in search of Solo, a white-handed gibbon believed to be the last of his kind in Bukit Serdang. With help from a primate photographer, local hikers, and Malaysia’s leading gibbon expert, Myles tracks down Solo, witnessing the direct impact that human development has on wildlife.

Jawai (Directed and Produced by Katya Ignatiev, Sponsored by OddPitch Brewing)

Hidden away in a corner of Rajasthan resides an ancient tribe. These humble, semi-nomadic people have lived in Jawai for hundreds of years, but the untold secret about this specific community is that they share their land with leopards and have found a way to honor the leopards while also continuing their traditional lifetime role as shepherds.

Finding Salmon (Directed by Jeremy Monroe and David Herasimtschuk, Sponsored by Good Food Store)

Follow 11-year-old Keyona into a wondrous world of trees, water, and friendly fish… and meet Salmon Watch, a program that connects Oregon youth to the river ecosystems right in their backyards.

4/22 Screening Followed by a Q&A with Python Huntress director Nick Orris!

Duration: 86 min

IWFF Short Block

Short Block 5: Living WITH the Wild

Short Block 5: Living WITH the Wild