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IWFF Short Block

Short Block 4: Bear Cubs

Shorts Block 4: Bear Cubs

Biopixels (Produced by Kristina Dutton and Arnaud Martin, Sponsored by Clean Rite MT)

Making the invisible visible! The ultraviolet patterns on butterfly wings are invisible to the naked human eye, but they’re among the most complex UV-reflecting structures in the animal kingdom.

Cool for You (Directed by Sherene Strausberg, Produced by Matthew Modine and Adam Rackoff, Sponsored by 350 Montana)

Cool for You, an animated film based on the book of the same title, explains global warming to children in a simple, friendly way. Children are introduced to the dangers of CO2, and learn positive, easy ways to reduce our impact upon the earth.

Becoming Weightless (Directed by Michael Anton, Sponsored by Raptors of the Rockies)

A steep and rocky gorge isn’t an easy place in which to grow up. These kestrel fledglings still rely on their parents, but soon they will have to learn what it means to be a true kestrel: not fighting the wind, but becoming one with it.

The Backyard Bears (Directed and Produced by Riley Edward McClaughry, Sponsored by Sierra Club)

This film snapshots the human-wildlife conflicts that black bears experience as humans continue to encroach on their habitat: Lake Tahoe, CA.

Bridging Fragments (Directed by Sonny DePasquale, Sponsored by Xplorer Maps) 

Bridging Fragments explores the stressors in a tropical rainforest off the coast of Costa Rica, where the Sloth Conservation Foundation is helping the local wildlife navigate a disconnected world. Urbanization and deforestation are fracturing the wildlife corridors that preserve biodiversity in tropical rainforests, putting many species at risk, including the world’s slowest mammal: the sloth.

Serengeti (Directed by Michael Dalton, Produced by David Gross, Sponsored by Lake Missoula Tea Company)

The Serengeti is home to many of Africa’s iconic animals, and hosts one of the world’s most extraordinary natural events: the annual wildebeest migration. Nature has orchestrated a symphony in which every species has a very distinct role to play in the balance of an entire ecosystem.

Followed by a Q&A with Riley McClaughry, The Backyard Bears + Sonny DePasquale, Bridging Fragments + Kristina Dutton, Biopixels!

Duration: 72 min

IWFF Short Block

Short Block 4: Bear Cubs

Short Block 4: Bear Cubs