Bid on a Premium Box to O.A.R. at the Kettlehouse Ampitheater August 14!

Sponsored by:
Ear Candy Music
Watch Horror, Play Bingo, Don’t Die.

Bad news, gang. The rich kids across the lake are trying to buy our beloved Camp Horror and turn it into a parking lot for their snooty camp. I mean, sure Camp Horror is a literal death trap, stalked by the murderous Sack Lunch Slasher, but we can’t let this happen. Your remaining counselors are hosting a special Save Camp Horror event, where members of the community (who haven’t been fed into a woodchipper) can come play Bingo while watching the AGFA Horror Trailer Show. A needle through the eye could be what you need to win one of the campy record prize packages from Ear Candy Music. Save Camp Horror before you save yourselves!

Sponsored by Ear Candy Music!
Duration: 120 min
Save Our Camp