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MTFF Shorts Block

Long Views – SOLD OUT!

To kick off the Montana Film Festival, enjoy a block of 7 fantastic short (but not too short) films, from 5 different countries, presented free of charge!

August Sky - As the Amazon burns for the seventeenth straight day, a nurse in Sao Paulo finds herself drawn to a neo-Pentecostal church. Directed by Jasmin Tenucci. Produced by Karí Úlfsson, Ricardo Mordoch, Henrique Carvalhaes. Brazil, 16 min.

Sons of Toledo
- After receiving the early morning news of his younger brother’s murder, a barber pushes through the muddy waters of grief to find the courage to do the impossible: give his brother one last cut. Directed by Monty Cole. Produced by Matt Foss & Diana Perez Riveros. Ohio, 20 min.

- What if your father's last wish was a little bit . . . out there? For siblings Roz and Elli, the question becomes a battle, and the winner will decide their pop's final journey. Directed by Lewis Rose. Produced by Chris Hees, Francois Morisset, and Laura Jumel. UK, 19 min.

Penalty Shot
- Two best friends spend an afternoon on a soccer field. When a group of older boys interrupt their game, one of them sees it as an opportunity to prove himself, while the other one senses something more sinister is at play. Directed by Rok Bicek. Produced by Danijel Pek, Katarina Prpic, and Rok Bicek. Croatia, 15 min.

- As her grandmother nears death and her estranged mother becomes distant, young baker Riley must find her own path using the lessons of her grandmother's cooking. Directed by Cate Dale. Produced by Alexa Alberda, Chris Murray, Kelly Murray, and Dennis Aig. Montana, 13 min.

Censor of Dreams
- Every night, the Censor and his team observe and moderate Yoko’s dreams. Tonight, however, nothing happens as planned. Directed by Leo Berne & Raphaël Rodriguez. Produced by Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Mourad Belkeddar, Jean Duhamel, Nicolas Lhermitte. France, 18 min.

Good Company
- A socially exhausted young woman finds solace in the unexpected company of an invisible ghost. Directed by Michael Melugin. Produced by Michael Melugin, Taylor Palmer, and Sean Guslander. Montana, 17 min.

Q&A to follow the screening with director Michael Melugin, producer Taylor Palmer, and star Christina Tripp (Good Company) and director Cat Dale and producers Chris and Kelly Murray (Touch).


Duration: 118 min

MTFF Shorts Block

Long Views – SOLD OUT!

Long Views – SOLD OUT!