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Kiddomatic Shorts Block

Far Distant Lands

PFFF (Canada, 1 min. Director: Susan Wolf. Producer: OFNB.)

When one little cloud has enough of the sun’s tyranny, a revolution is kicked off.

(Japan, 10 min. Director: Liukaidi Peng. Proudcer: A Group of Five Animation at the School of Visual Arts.)

Bob just started working at the space agency. One morning, while watching a spaceship launch, Bob is struck by a bolt of mysterious lightning.  He begins to grow larger and larger, and there seems to be no way to stop it...

(France, 6 min. Directors: Tonin Laplanche, Juliette Moreau, Alix Popesco, Emmanuel Sabathe. Producer: ECV Creative Schools at Bordeaux).

A mysterious encounter between a robot and an alien creature.

The Mountain of SGaana
(Canada, 10 min. Director: Christopher Auchter.)

A magical tale of a young man who is stolen away to the spirit world, and the young woman who rescues him. The film is based on an old Haida fable. and combines traditional animation with formal elements of Haida art.

Beyond the Trees (France, 5 min. Directors: Pierre Burgoni, Jordan Baudé, Julie Bijjou, Catharianne Ni. Producer: MoPA, the International School of Animation Cinema.)

Every day, a 7-year-old Indonesian boy must go on a long trip to reach his destination on time.

The Rocker and the Puca (Ireland, 11 min. Director: Trevor Courtney. Proudcer: Igloo Animations.)

Teenage musician Jack is driving the locals mad, because he only knows one tune. So when a shape-shifting trickster known as "Puca" appears and promises Jack a cap full of coins in exchange for playing a single gig, Jack can't say no.

Shoom's Odyssey (France, 20 min. Director: Julien Bisaro. Producers: Claire Paoletti and Olivier Nomen.)

Shooom, a little owl, hatches when a storm turns the bayou where she makes her home upside down. Barely out of the nest, she hobbles into the mangrove, pushing along an unhatched egg of the brood. Against all odds, she is determined to find a mother.

Rated: 8+
Duration: 65 min

Kiddomatic Shorts Block

Far Distant Lands

Far Distant Lands