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Daughter of a Lost Bird centers around Kendra, a Native American adoptee, who grew up assimilating in a white family with no connection to her Indigenous heritage. Now, as an adult with a family of her own, she embarks on a seven-year journey to find her biological mother, April, and return to the Lummi Nation. Together, Kendra and April, also a Native American adoptee, navigate what it means to be Indigenous and to belong to their tribe, the Lummi Nation. The film exposes the multifaceted personal costs of the genocide that was inflicted upon Indigenous people by the United States government through forced adoption programs and other assimilation tactics. The feature is directed by Brooke Pepion Swaney, a writer, producer, director and educator who was a PBS Wyncote Fellow and a Sundance Native Lab/Time Warner Fellow. Daughter of a Lost Bird is a co-production of Same Land Film and Vision Maker Media. 

Sponsored by ATG Cognizant! After the film there will be Q & A with Director Brooke Pepion Swaney, Producer Kendra Mylnechuk Potter and Kristina Lucero the Director of the American Indian Goverance and Policy Insititute at the University of Montana. The discussion will be moderated by Lenny Peppers.
Cast: Kendra Potter
Director: Brooke Swaney
Duration: 66 min
Released: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Daughter of a Lost Bird