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Norman the Snowman: The Northern Lights (Japan, 25 min. Director: Takeshi Yashiro. Producers: Masaaki Oikawa and Takanori Toyokawa.)

A boy has longed to visit the North and experience the beautiful mysteries that his childhood friend Norman the Snowman has told him about. At the first snow, the boy sneaks out of his house and boards a train with Norman to see the mysteries of nature with his own eyes.

Penguin and Whale
(Argentina, 3 min. Directors: Ezequiel Torres and Pablo R. Roldan. Producer: Rudo Company.)

Extreme global warming has left little Penguin homeless. His friend Whale goes out in search of a new home for Penguin, but day after day, the heat prevents him from arriving in time with a solution. But perhaps working as a team with other animals, Whale can achieve his mission . . .

Melting Heart Cake
(France, 11 min. Director: Benoit Chieux. Producer: Rob Duens & Sacrebleu Productions.)

To share her chocolate cœur fondant with her friend, Anna must cross a glacial forest haunted by a terrifying bearded giant. All animals that cross his path disappear and, of course, the route leads right to him, but the giant has a warmer heart than it may seem.

Hedgehog's Home
(Croatia/Canada, 10 min. Director: Eva Cvijanovic. Producers: Bonobostudio of Croatia and National Film Board of Canada.)

Based on the classic story by Branko Copic, a writer from the former Yugoslavia and winner of over 35 international awards, Hedgehog's Home is an animated film by Eva Cvijanovic. This is a warm and universal tale that reminds us there truly is no place like home.

(Spain, 12 min. Directors: Jose Prats and Alvaro Robles. Producers: Moukda Production & Bigaro Films).

In a faraway land where the rain never stops, six-year-old Kyna spends her days playing with her dog Nana under the protective "umbrella beard" of her father. One night, Nana disappears. To find her, Kyna will have to embark on an adventure of self-discovery, facing her greatest fear, the Rain.

Lynx & Birds (UK, 3 min. Directors: Simone Giampaolo and Francesco Mazza. Producers: Tom Box & Blue Zoo Animation Studio.)

A short, festive, and most of all, adorable animated film about love triumphing over fear.

ZACC Stop-Motion Films
(Montana, 6 min. Directed by the September/October ZACC Stop-Motion Class.)

At the close of this shorts block, we'll view the films created by the budding young  animators from the most recent ZACC stop-motion after-school camp, conducted right here in Missoula! 

Duration: 70 min
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