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The World View Film series, hosted by Global & Cultural Affairs in ARTS Missoula, is back at the Roxy Theater this fall, featuring four movies about "Cultures Healing." All screenings are free.

Filmmakers expose the horrifying mass executions of accused communists in Indonesia and those who are celebrated in their country for perpetrating the crime. In a place where killers are celebrated as heroes, these filmmakers challenge unrepentant death-squad leaders to dramatize their role in genocide. The result is a surreal, cinematic journey, not only into the memories and imaginations of mass murderers, but also into a frighteningly banal regime of corruption and impunity.
Director: Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn, Anonymous
Producer: Werner Herzog
Duration: 122 min
Released: 2012
Genre: Documentary
Original Language: Indonesian
Subtitles: Subtitled
Country: Indonesia
The Act of Killing