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IWFF Short Block

Short Block 3: Feathers & Fins

Short Block 3: Feathers & Fins

Heart of Maui (Directed and Produced by David Ehrenberg, Sponsored by Xplorer Maps)

This National Park Service film follows two biologists fighting to save a bird species so rare, there are only 200 left on the planet. The extinction event of our lifetime is unfolding inside Haleakala National Park's remote backcountry. Discover what will be lost if humans do not take action to save these rare Maui forest birds.

Iridescent (Directed by Keith Ladzinski, Produced by Tommy Joyce, Sponsored by 4 Ravens Gallery)

When it comes to the discovery and documentation of birds, Tim Laman is one of the best in the world. As he entered the final curation stages of his forthcoming book, Bird Planet, fellow bird lover and National Geographic photographer Keith Ladzinski reached out with an opportunity to go on safari in one of the world's birding hotspots, Brazil's Pantanal region. It had been on Tim's bucket list for years but he had yet to visit, so he jumped at the chance to photograph some of South America's best birds.

Night Owls (Directed and Produced by Sam Moore, Sponsored by Orange Street Food Farm

Made in collaboration with Project Owlnet and the Maine Natural History Observatory, Night Owls follows migrating saw-whet owls as they are observed at a research station in Downeast Maine.

No Small Measure (Directed by Brett Kuxhausen, Sponsored by Montana State University)

A Ghanaian herpetologist is saving habitat, species, and improving the livelihoods of communities dependent on the mountainous forest ecosystem of the Togo-Volta Highlands.

Finally I Sea (Directed by Alice Geary, Produced by Peter Venn and Alice Geary, Sponsored by Bedrock Sandals)

Finally I Sea is the intimate story of a nine-year-old girl on a journey to see the sea for the very first time. Growing up in central London, Fajita has dreamt of a fun day at the seaside ever since she can remember, but barriers such as cost mean that she has never been able to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Witness the pure emotions and reactions of Fajita and her friends as they finally get to experience a beautiful day on the coast.

Arctic Song (Directed by Germaine Arnattaujuq, Neil Christopher, and Louise Flaherty, Produced by Nadia Mike, David Christensen, Alicia Smith, Louise Flaherty, Sponsored by The Keep)

Arctic Song, by Inuit artist, storyteller, and filmmaker Germaine Arnattaujuq (Arnaktauyok) is inspired by Inuit myths from the Iglulik region in Nunavut: the raven who brings daylight to the world, the giants who turn into mountains, and the animals that create shimmering constellations and northern lights.

Beavers About Town (Directed by Yaz Ellis and Jack Miffin, Sponsored by Julie Gardner - ERA Lambros Real Estate)

The city of Vienna is home to over 230 beavers, including one special family: the stars of this film! We follow them as they navigate the urban world in which they have made their home. From living in an unexpected “lodge," to swimming past humans and using empty boats as places to relax, you’ve never seen beavers like this before.

Finding Salmon (Directed by Jeremy Monroe and David Hersimtschuk, Sponsored by Good Food Store) 

Follow 11-year-old Keyona into a wondrous world of trees, water, and friendly fish... and meet Salmon Watch, a program that connects Oregon youth to the river ecosystems right in their backyards.

Q&A with Sam Moore, director of Night Owls, to follow the 4/22 screening!

4/23 screening includes a special presentation with Animal Wonders!

Duration: 66 min

IWFF Short Block

Short Block 3: Feathers & Fins

Short Block 3: Feathers & Fins