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IWFF Shorts Block

For the Wild Things

Sponsored by:
Toiffer Pet Outfitter

For the Wild Things:

That’s right - we’re talking about your kids. Bring the little ones to enjoy this short block catered just for them. Ages 3+.

Beavers: Nature's Ecosystem Engineers: A watercolour illustrated stop-motion animation with basic facts about beavers, their keystone impacts and role in restoring UK rivers! Directed by Lauren Cook.

Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration: A wildlife filmmaker documents the incredible daily migration of the western toad tadpoles, a designated threatened species, and one that faces constant risk from urban development. Directed by Maxwell Hohn. Produced by Russell Clark and Maxwell Hohn.

Living with Lions: Growing up in Kenya, the only images of conservationists Resson Kantai Duff ever saw were of those she calls “the pale and the male.” She never saw anyone who looked like herself. Today, Resson leads a team that includes young Samburu warriors who track lions and lobby on behalf of the lions’ welfare. Directed and Produced by Whitney Beer-Kerr and Geoff Luck.

Dance Macwebre: Dance of the Neoscona Crucifera (Spotted Orbweaver Spider). A short, kinetic peek into a spider-world drama. Directed by Josh Wagner.

Wake Up & Smell the Flowers: After six months of hibernation, the adorable European Ground Squirrels are finally waking up - and they are hungry! Witness their spectacular flower feast and follow them as they have something very important to prepare for.... Directed by Yaz Ellis.

Why Did the Mexican Jumping Bean Jump?:
To find its place in the shade! Each hollowed-out seed is home to a head-banging moth larva, just trying to survive the harsh Sonoran Desert sun. Directed by Sevda Eris. Produced by Mike Seely.

All films in the For the Wild Things Shorts Block were sponsored by Toiffer Pet Outfitter.

Duration: 37 min

IWFF Shorts Block

For the Wild Things

For the Wild Things