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New Release

2023 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live Action

For the 18th consecutive year, ShortsTV presents the Oscar-Nominated Short Films, opening on Feb. 17th. With all three categories offered – Animated, Live Action and Documentary – this is your annual chance to predict the winners (and have the edge in your Oscar pool)! A perennial hit with audiences around the country and the world, don’t miss this year’s selection of shorts. The Academy Awards take place Sunday, March 12th--come watch them at the Roxy on the big screen!


An Irish Goodbye - Tom Berkeley, Ross White, Ireland, 23 min.

On a farm in rural Northern Ireland, estranged brothers Turlough and Lorcan are forced to reunite following the untimely death of their mother.

Ivalu - Anders Walter, Pipaluk K. Jorgensen, Denmark, 16 min.

Ivalu is gone. Her little sister is desperate to find her. Her father does not care. The vast Greenlandic nature holds secrets. Where is Ivalu?

Le Pupille - Alice Rohrwacher, Italy, 37 min.

From writer and director Alice Rohrwacher, and Academy Award® winning producer Alfonso Cuarón, Le Pupille is a tale of innocence, greed and fantasy. This live action short is about desires, pure and selfish, about freedom and devotion, and about the anarchy that is capable of flowering in the minds of girls within the confines of a strict religious boarding school at Christmas.

Night Ride (Nattrikken) - Eirik Tveiten, Norway, 15 min.

It is a cold night in December. As Ebba waits for the tram, an unexpected turn of events transforms the ride home into something she was not expecting.

The Red Suitcase - Cyrus Neshvad, Luxembourg, 18 min.

An Iranian girl decides to remove her hijab in a life-changing situation.


Duration: 109 min

New Release

2023 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live Action

2023 Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live Action