The countdown begins! #Give37 to bring '37 back to life! 

In 1937 $37 went a very long way. In 2017, your $37 can take your community cinema back to 1937! With 1,000 Roxy Fans giving just $37 each, together we will reach our goal this summer and complete our historic restoration. We're almost there!

In 2017, we will complete a facade renovation project that restores and enhances The Roxy's historical, Art Deco aesthetic. The goals of the project are threefold: to connect our neighborhood cinema to the historical fabric of Downtown Missoula and the 1930's; to provide visitors with a visual and tangible expression of our community's cultural identity; and to better exhibit the energy inside Missoula's Community Cinema. 

As S. Charles Lee, who designed more than 300 theaters between 1920 and 1950 said, "The show starts on the sidewalk."  The restoration, on Missoula's Hip Strip, will provide an incredibly iconic destination. We have been working closely with a nationally renowned Art Deco designer in collaboration with local architects, builders and artisans, to develop the design. It's thrilling to see Re-Deco taking shape on Higgins Ave., in Missoula's Hip Strip.
Ticket Booth Designs

To adorn our theater with a beautiful neon marquee and classic Art Deco architectural elements is to create a beacon that announces the vibrancy of our community. It is an expression of our values- reflecting the significance of the places that define our community. Perhaps like no other structure, a theater represents the zenith of our understanding of who we are, who we were and who we can hope to be by representing humanity with all its multi-layered, multifarious possibilities.

The Roxy c. 1942

By the time The Roxy celebrates 80 years, on September 24th, 2017, there won't be any question that the Roxy is a "showstopper." Re-Deco will bring the vitality of The Roxy and its programs to the forefront. As a mission-driven, non-profit theater, The Roxy presents over 2,000 shows each year, hosting several major film festivals and dozens of collaborations with area organizations. 

There is a seat for everyone at Missoula's historic Roxy Theater. 


Re Deco Underway

Join our members, neighbors and friends. Help us meet our goal of 1,000 supporters to raise the final funding needed to complete Re-Deco.  #GIVE37 today!


Restoring History

Thank You All

Opening Day 2937