Vox Lux

Celeste is a 13-year-old music prodigy who survives a horrific school shooting in Staten Island, N.Y., in 1999. Her talent shines through during the memorial service when she sings a song that touches the hearts of the mourners. Guided by her sister and a talent manager, the young phenom transforms into a rising pop star with a promising future. Eighteen years later, Celeste now finds herself on the comeback trail when a scandal, personal struggles and the pitfalls of fame threaten her career.

Vox Lux.
It's a film that ain't f*cking around.

Brady goes all out, swings for the fences of cinematic greatness, and does something different than we've ever seen."

-- Boots Riley, director of Sorry to Bother You

Vox Lux

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Film Info

Brady Corbet, 2018, US, 110 minutes, R

Genre: Drama/Music
Cast Members: Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Christopher Abbott, Willem Dafoe, Jennifer Ehle
Format: Digital
Writer: Brady Corbet
Music: Sia, Scott Walker