The Mountain

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Set against the 1950’s "golden age" of American male supremacy, an introverted young photographer (Tye Sheridan) joins a renowned lobotomist (Jeff Goldblum) on a tour to promote the doctor’s recently-debunked procedure. As he increasingly identifies with the asylum’s patients, he becomes enamored with a rebellious young woman (Hannah Gross) and lost in the burgeoning New Age movement of the west. Also starring Denis Lavant and Udo Kier.

SKYPE Q&A with editor Michael Taylor to follow the screening! Taylor has collaborated with director Rick Alverson on his previous features THE COMEDY and ENTERTAINMENT, as well as past MTFF selections WALKING OUT and I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS. In addition to this film, he currently has two other features in theaters: Guy Nattiv’s SKIN and Lulu Wang’s THE FAREWELL.

The Mountain

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Film Info

Rick Alverson, 2019, US, 106 minutes

Genre: Drama
Cast Members: Jeff Goldblum, Tye Sheridan, Denis Lavant, Udo Kier
Format: Digital
Editor: Michael Taylor