The Frog & Bird Show

The Frog & Bird Show

Missoula comedians Amy Carroll and Lynn Solomon will present “The Frog & Bird Show” on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, at 8 p.m.

The evening – subtitled “Comedy for Tired People” – will feature standup and sketch comedy from Carroll and Solomon, as well as standup sets from some special guests. 

Solomon and Carroll began doing standup in Missoula early in 2019, after attending Revival Comedy’s monthly workshop for women and non-binary comics and aspiring comics.

Carroll’s roots in comedy trace back to Los Angeles in the 1990’s, and training with the Groundlings and Improv Olympic.  Carroll lives in Missoula with her husband and teenaged sons and says 16 years in the trenches of “Momming” has helped her craft her comedy.

“I think I have insights and wisdom that can only come from spending too much time in an orthodontist’s waiting room,” she said.

Solomon is known to Missoula audiences from her appearances on some local television commercials. She also performed with Zoo Town Improv and Cow-Tipping Comedy in Helena.  Last year, she was one of two standup comedians to perform in “Standing Womb Only” at the Roxy.

“I’m an observational comic,” Solomon said, adding that her age – 52 – has shaped her sets. “I’m too old for the young people and too young for the old people,” she said.  “It’s a pretty funny space to be.”

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