Space Jam

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Evil alien theme park owner Swackhammer needs a new attraction at Moron Mountain. When his gang, the Nerdlucks, heads to Earth to kidnap Bugs Bunny (Billy West) and the Looney Tunes, Bugs challenges them to a basketball game to determine their fate. The aliens agree, but they steal the powers of NBA basketball players, including Larry Bird and Charles Barkley -- so Bugs gets some help from superstar Michael Jordan.

Featuring the program "Cartoon Physics"
with Alex Bulmahn

Alex Bulmahn is Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Montana. Alex arrived in Missoula in the fall of 2010 after completing his doctorate in the area of particle phenomenology at the University of Iowa.  At the University of Montana he has taught classes in introductory physics and astronomy, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, elementary particle physics, general relativity, and instructed introductory physics and astronomy laboratories.

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Space Jam

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Film Info

Joe Pytka, 1996, US, 100 minutes, PG

Genre: Fantasy/Sports
Cast Members: Michael Jordan, Wayne Knight, Bill Murray, Marvin the Martian
Format: Digital