Shorts Block 1

These seven short films, many by local filmmakers, explore every genre from comedy to drama to the Western, but are united in their exploration of the joys and difficulties of human connection.

Two Ships
On a lonesome bridge at night, a compassionate question from a down-in-the-mouth street mime for a drag queen in need turns into an authentic and vulnerable exploration of each other's baggage.

Set in the 1950s in rural Colorado, a young girl June witnesses her father disappear for days without explanation, and the pain that it gives her mother.

A mesh of processing, seeking to understand the death of Carsten’s grandfather. An act of remembrance. A reinforcement of reality and feeling. Footage collected during week of mourning in Texas.

When Miranda makes bad decisions about her love life, a killer tampon slips in to take care of business.

The Night Breaks
Willis, an Oscar-winning movie star on a press tour, takes a moment to decompress in the small town where part of his last film took place. But things aren't as they seem as the evening comes to a close.

Empty Basket
Tied in and spun out, the laundromat serves no greater function than to slow down time for these two gentlemen. Catching a game has never quite been as simple (or as complex) as one would think.

Willow Creek Road
Willow Creek Road explores the internal world of a lonely, Montana ranch hand, Ruth. When Ruth is unexpectedly drawn into the lives of two children, she slowly assumes the role of a Mother; awakening a sense of play, femininity, protection and connection. Ruth must face reality, and ultimately herself, when the kids' mother returns home.

Q&A session with the filmmakers to follow the 10/05 screening.

Shorts Block 1

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Matthew Thomas Ross, Alana Waksman, Ian Carstens, Jeanne Jo, Brian Murnion, Jeanna Ciralli, 66 minutes, NR