Saving ‘Ohi’a -- Hawaii's Sacred Tree + takayna

Saving ‘Ohi’a -- Hawaii's Sacred Tree + takayna
Saving ‘Ohi’a -- Hawaii's Sacred Tree
This film highlights the significance of Hawaii's native tree species--the "mother of the forest," ‘Ohi’a--and the current threat of Rapid ‘Ohi’a Death that is impacting thousands of acres of forest throughout Hawai'i. This film provides an in-depth look into the cultural and ecological importance of Hawai'i's keystone species. Meet the team of scientists, conservationists and Hawai'i residents determined to save ‘Ohi’a.

Takayna in northwestern Tasmania is home to one of the last tracts of old-growth rainforest in the world, yet it’s currently at the mercy of destructive extraction industries, including logging and mining. This documentary, presented by Patagonia Films, unpacks the complexities of modern conservation and challenges us to consider the importance of our last wild places.

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Annie Sullivan Kopcsó, Liza Sullivan, Alex Lowther, 29 minutes