Roe v. Wade Anniversary Comedy Benefit

Roe v. Wade Anniversary Comedy Benefit

On January 22, 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of a women's right to an abortion. Forty-five years later, we are coming together to recognize that anniversary and to support the groups that are bravely protecting that right. 

We're doing it the only way we happen to know how: through a night of stand-up comedy, brought to you by the funniest women and nonbinary folks we could rustle up, including: 

Charley Macorn
Aislinn O'Connor
Keema Waterfield
Becky Margolis
Sarah Aswell

Please join us at The Roxy Theater for a night of comedy, plus a few fun raffles and things, with all proceeds going toward two amazing local organizations that support women and abortion rights, the Susan Wicklund Fund and Planned Parenthood.

Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the Roxy or online.

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