Red Skies of Montana

Red Skies of Montana
After battling a forest fire, fireman Cliff Mason (Richard Widmark) is found wandering in a daze, unable to remember how co-worker "Pop" Miller (Joe Sawyer) died. Though an investigation clears him of any suspicion, Miller's son, Ed (Jeffrey Hunter), suspects Cliff was responsible for his father's death. Unable to remember what happened and worried he might be a coward, Cliff leads his men against several dangerous fires in an attempt to prove his courage. Loosely based on the Mann Gulch fire of 1949, Red Skies of Montana was filmed on location in Technicolor with the assistance of the US Forest Service.

Presented in glorious 35 millimeter!

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Film Info

Joseph M. Newman, 1952, US, 99 minutes, NR

Genre: Drama/Action
Cast Members: Richard Widmark, Constance Smith, Jeffrey Hunter, Charles Bronson
Format: 35 MM