Peacock's War

Peacock's War
Doug Peacock served in Vietnam as a Green Beret medic, trying to preserve life on the edge of the battlefield. He came home an emotional and spiritual wreck. Running for refuge to the last islands of uninhabited wilderness in the American West, Peacock discovered a fellow creature who had also been driven back to the same mountain sanctuary, among the tarns and granite peaks. This was the endangered grizzly bear. Living on the hunting grounds of this beast--a beautiful, playful, intelligent, fiercely dangerous animal--led Peacock back to a sense of his own humanity, and humility before nature.

This film was also the first of a long line of "veterans in nature" productions, featuring traumatized vets (mostly from recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), often fly fishing or rafting down rivers. In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association added Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to its classification of Mental Disorders. Before 1980, when Doug was shooting the grizzly footage for Peacock's War, this kind of war sickness didn't even have a name. This pioneering film of war and wilderness shares more in common with Hemingway's "The Big Two Hearted River" than it does contemporary productions. Peacock's War has been proclaimed a classic and remains so today.

This film will be introduced by writer and conservationist Rick Bass.

This event is presented in tandem with the IWFF Presents presentation The Epic Shared Journey of Bison and Grizzly Bears. Your $5 ticket grants you access to both Dr. Mattson's presentation and Peacock's War.

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Film Info

1987, US, 60 minutes, NR

Genre: Documentary
Cast Members: Doug Peacock
Format: Digital