Norway's Magical Fjords

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The Norwegian Fjords are one of the most dramatic landscapes in Europe. Surrounded by high mountains and arctic tundra, the narrow gorges carry seawater up to 200 kilometres inland. Formed during the ice age, when glaciers scoured out the underlying rocks, some are over 1000 metres deep. But the cold, dark waters are home to a surprisingly rich and colourful underwater world: vast reefs of cold-water corals, sea pens with feathery arms and flashing lights, and strange sea slugs that glow in the dark. In winter, billions of herring converge on the fjords, the shoals so dense, they darken the waters. In summer, salmon migrate up the fjords and rivers, propelling themselves up waterfalls to reach their traditional spawning grounds. Diving below the surface, award-winning wildlife filmmaker, Jan Haft reveals the extraordinary diversity of life hidden within the deep waters and captures behaviours that have rarely been seen.

Norway's Magical Fjords

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Jan Haft, Germany, 52 minutes, G