MTFF Shorts Block I

MTFF Shorts Block I

Montana Film Festival proudly presents a program of short films, curated by our programming team from hundreds of submissions. This mix of narrative and experimental works is a celebration of the short-form film and, collectively, the mirror it can provide for the state of the world.

Block 1 Program:

Quartz · Dir. Drew Danburry
Undercovered · Dir. Alexandra Geller
Fainting Spells · Dir. Sky Hopinka

My Mother Is a Fish · Dir. Jeff Rutherford

Eastern State · Dir. Talena Sanders

Pozole · Dir. Jessica Mendez Siquieros

Join the Club · Dir. Ryan Weibush

Varlet · Dir. Michael Kohlbrenner

Screening Times

Film Info

Drew Danburry, Alexandra Geller, Sky Hopinka, Jeff Rutherford, Talena Sanders, Jessica Mendez Siquie, 80 minutes

Format: Digital