Montana Songwriter Showcase

Montana Songwriter Showcase

What has 28 albums, a Grammy Nomination, multiple "Best Musician" awards from the Missoula Independent, a USA Songwriter Grand Prize and a Northwest Emmy award winning performance? The combination of singer songwriters Susan Gibson, Tom Catmull, Jenn Adams and John Floridis. 

These four singer songwriters began their careers in Missoula, Montana in the early and mid 1990's at the dawn of the movement toward independently produced CD's and recordings. Though they've all pursued their paths individually, they've frequently shared billing with one another, recorded together and even occasionally played in each other's bands. Five years ago they joined each other on stage for the first time, and the show was so well received they’ve made it a yearly event.

This will be the sixth year in a row the four musicians will share and showcase their songs in one concert. The two previous concerts have been sold out, so early purchase of tickets is encouraged. 

One of the true highlights of the evening is the showcase of these artists in a true "listening" environment as opposed to a festival, club or even tap room environment. Every nuance of the artist's singing, every subtlety of their guitar playing comes forward in a setting like this where the dynamics of a solo performance take on even greater take on a greater depth. When a musician can use silence and space to enhance their music it is akin to an author suddenly having access to vowels after trying to write without them.

Susan, Tom, Jenn and John became friends through meeting at open mics, shared gigs and recording projects in the  mid-90’s and immediately came to respect each other’s work. All but Susan Gibson still live in the Missoula and Bitterroot area. Susan makes a yearly pilgrimage from Austin, Texas back to Montana, revisiting the route that inspired her to write the Dixie Chick’s huge hit single “Wide Open Spaces.” When she does the four friends have made it a now yearly tradition to gather to trade songs old, new and “in the works.

Tickets are $18.00 in advance and $21.00 on the day of the event, with a $1.00 processing fee for all online sales. Generous sponsorship by Rattlesnake Market and Cafe!

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180 minutes