Indochine in 35mm

Clyde Coffee and The Roxy Theater are thrilled to present Cinema Abroad, a series of classic and contemporary foreign films.

In colonial-era Vietnam, Jean-Baptiste (Vincent Perez), a dashing French naval captain; Eliane (Catherine Deneuve), a wealthy plantation owner of French parentage; and her adopted Vietnamese daughter, Camille (Linh Dan Pham), are the three points of a cross-cultural romantic triangle. As the struggle against European imperialism sweeps Indochina, Jean-Baptiste and Camille have to choose sides and Eliane faces the emotionally difficult challenge of raising the child of her daughter and ex-lover.

Indochine in 35mm

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Film Info

Regis Wargnier, 1992, France/Vietnam, 159 minutes, PG-13

Genre: Drama/Romance
Cast Members: Catherine Deneuve, Vincent Perez, Linh Dan Pham
Original Language: French/Vietnamese
Subtitles: Subtitled
Format: 35 MM