Mozart’s first operatic masterpiece returns to the Met in the classic Jean-Pierre Ponnelle production, conducted by James Levine. The superb ensemble includes Matthew Polenzani as the king torn by a rash vow; mezzo-soprano Alice Coote in the trouser role of his noble son Idamante; soprano Nadine Sierra as Ilia; and soprano Elza van den Heever as the volatile Elettra, who loves Idamante to the bounds of madness.


Screening Times

Hosted By Morris Productions
Sponsored By The Neubauer Family Foundation

Film Info

2017, USA, 250 minutes

Genre: Opera
Special Concessions: Fine wines and beverages. Black Coffee Roasting available for Saturday morning shows.
Original Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Producer: Metropolitan Opera
Writer: Giambattista Varesco
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart