Desierto en tu mente

Desierto en tu mente
On Mon Oct 8th 2018 at 7pm, VonCommon presents a special screening at the Roxy with a featured film by filmmaker and video artist Marta Grimalt Canals from Mallorca, Desierto en tu mente,"Desert in your mind", a surrealistic super 8 road movie filmed around California, Barcelona and

Synopsis: Through his frustrations, an obsessed novelist connects with a dimension where a walking girl encounters weird characters in a mysterious urban world, slowly driving to the peaceful nature of the desert. In this trip between light and shadow, hope for finding an inner mental peace will prevail.

This movie is characterized for an experimental Super-8 language, with purposed technical and performing imperfections, wrapped in an organic fantasy effect.


This screening is part of a nation ide film tour beginning at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles on Sat Oct 6th, with Marta's partner and illustrator of this movie, Cristian Robles 

Short films by Amie Shea (A Different Kind of Divorce) and Ian Carstens (Gordon, Rushes and Space House West) will open this screening. A Q&A wih Marta Grimalt will follow the screening.

This evening is free and open to the public.

VonCommon will also be hosting a screening of Desert in your mind at Freecycles Sat Oct 13th as part of our fall event 'Boohaus: Haunted Artmare'.

Screening Times

Hosted By VonCommon

Film Info

Marta Grimalt, 2017, Spain, 60 minutes

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Fantasy
Original Language: Spanish
Writer: Marta Grimalt